Poultry now chic for city dwellers

Hatched: Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Nano pets are out. Backyard poultry is…in?

The urban chicken movement has taken wing in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, where officials increasingly are forced to decide whether to allow backyard poultry (Columbus Dispatch, May 10, 2009).

Earlier this year, Worthington residents pushed City Council to reform city laws. Currently, Worthington allows chickens and coops, but only if they are no closer than 150 feet to another resident’s property, impossible within most of the city.

Residents there and elsewhere violate the seldom-enforced laws. Still, Worthington City Council plans to hear options for possibly legalizing the birds.

Large cities such as Portland, Oregon; Seattle and Los Angeles already have such provisions.

Growing interest in backyard chickens has some rallying for change, while causing others to squawk, “what the cluck?”

What do you think? Do chickens belong in the city?

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