Opinion masquerades as news at TIME. WTC?!

Hatched: Friday, October 23rd, 2009

TIME cover

If you read the TIME cover story from August, there’s a good chance you’re asking where’s the beef?

Welcome to the meatless edition.

Chew on this:  if you thought TIME, that so-called bastion of journalism, might be a forum for enlightenment…think again.

The story, which does quite the smear and scare job on the simple joys of being a carnivore, doesn’t resemble news reporting at its most basic level. It fails – miserably we might add – in providing an objective and unbiased report. It’s not just disappointing to supporters of livestock agriculture, it’s insulting to the “news” magazine’s readers.

But don’t take our word for it.

The author himself admits that the story reflects his own personal judgment and perspective in attempt to be “part of the conversation” with the public on this topic (listen to the interview with Bryan Walsh on AgriTalk radio). Translation: what amounts to nothing more than a personal blog entry for most is now worthy of making the cover of TIME.

Traditionally this type of heavy-handed “advocacy journalism” is saved for the editorial and op-ed pages of any credible publication and is identified as such. Clearly the rules have changed at TIME (as Walsh suggests), and sadly the hapless public is none the wiser…until now.

So take solace – and be completely outraged – that the TIME cover story on “The Real Cost of Cheap Food” is just one man’s personal opinion.

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