Growing meat without growing animals?

Hatched: Monday, November 30th, 2009

So, how do you feel about your pork chop or burger being grown inside a lab?

While it sounds like the stuff of science fiction, a recent MSNBC article suggests that scientists have figured out how to grow tiny nuggets of lab meat and say it will one day be possible to produce chicken and steaks in vats, sans any livestock. For example, instead of growing a chicken embryo into a bird and cutting meat from it, the meat will be grown directly from the embryo.

It makes you wonder if this is what activists envision as they attempt to quell livestock farming as we know it.

If given the choice, would you prefer that your food was raised by seasoned livestock farmers running multigenerational farms, or scientists manipulating the contents of a Petri dish?

The answer should be cluckin’ [and] obvious.

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