Warning to other states: don’t get “Propped 2.”

Perhaps that’s the message that will soon be coming out of the Golden State. Thanks to Proposition 2, which passed quite handily in 2008, California may soon be waving goodbye to jobs, state revenue and the sweet smell of economic development…as Nevada, Idaho and Georgia welcome egg farmers with open borders.

Last week, this Wall Street Journal article chronicled the latest developments of what over-regulation of the state’s farms could spell for California now that egg farmers are no longer welcome (at least under their current production methods) and are being wooed out of state to conduct business. Never mind that opponents of Proposition 2 warned of the potential damage to the state’s bottom line if the measure passed, but naysayers doubted it would actually happen. A resounding “We told you so…” sounds apropos right about now.

Some animal rights groups with radical agendas continue to push their way across the country advocating for similar farm animal housing restrictions. In response, perhaps now state leaders will seriously weigh the economic impact before making hasty decisions on farm policies based on emotional “feel-goods” instead of sound, proven science.

Rest assured the economic disaster that could ensue won’t feel good at all.


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  2. Jeff says:

    I supported Prop 2 and wasn’t sure if this (the export of jobs to other states) would happen or not. But this speaks to the need for other states to pass Prop 2-style laws to end cruel confinement practices. This website suggests that producing eggs cheaply is more important than treating animals humanely. I disagree with that argument.

    If children in poor countries were forced to work 12 hour days, I would be able to buy cheaper products. But honestly I’d rather pay a few cents more for products not produced by child labor. I feel the same way about eggs.

    (Also, that video is misleading. I buy cage free eggs because leading groups say they are safer to eat. Only factory farms seem to suggest that eggs from caged hens are safer to eat.)

  3. Hopefully the city folk that have NO CLUE about farming will understand “cartoons”. For all others, let’s read THE FACTS about HSUS and why they are really trying to control food production = $$$$
    Go to http://www.hsussucks.com and be sure to read the articles and how HSUS is on the short list of terror support groups in America. Where is the Dept of Justice as they try to circumvent RICO laws and control the production of food protected under Federal Law Title 18. Law made when lawmakers had brains and knew a real threat to national security when they saw it! And DID SOMETHING about it!

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