If you have children or at least recall being one in the last 40 years, then you’re familiar with Sesame Street – the reliable staple of public television.

It’s hard to imagine anyone having a beef with the iconic children’s show…but then there’s PETA. While it’s unclear if PETA has it in for muppets too, their faux feathers are definitely ruffled over the American Egg Board sponsorship of the program. Why? Simply put, eggs aren’t on their plate and they don’t fit with their radical agenda.

 In November, PETA encouraged its members to voice displeasure over the sponsorship. Recently, they’ve ratcheted up their whining by filing complaints with the FCC, taking a play from the playbook of their deep-pockets brethren. Follow the links to learn more.

From bacon and eggs to Bert and Ernie, it’s good to know some things stand the test of time, even when challenged by radical agendas.

While the animal extremists urge its members to contact Sesame Street to criticize the sponsorship, perhaps a word from the rest of us applauding their efforts to build on a legacy of quality educational programming for children is in order.

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