In Praise of Cages…

Hatched: Monday, April 5th, 2010

Last April, Dennis Avery provided the public with his firsthand account of being a free-range chickeneer with less than feel-good results.  His commentary “In Praise of Cages for Egg-laying Hens” still resonates today, especially as the anti-cage crusade continues to rage on across the country. But take note of the subhead to his brief commentary: International efforts to ban chicken coops harms birds, farmers.

Effort to ban chicken coops harms birds? WTC?!  One should question why those who appear to be feverishly concerned about animal welfare aren’t quick to point out this fact.  As you’ll read, this is far more than one man’s experience.  

It’s a quick read –  and it’s one that should make you stop and think every time you hear a so-called “compassionate plea” by those radically opposed to modern egg farming.

And if you’re not yet familiar with ”A Feathered Fiasco” — check it out (here on this page — or in our video archive). You’ll find Avery’s story and the Cluck Nation feature have quite a bit in common.

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