Note to school cafeterias: get creative, not political

Hatched: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Here’s a smart article taken straight from the playbook of common sense. Want kids to make better food choices at school? Concerned about childhood obesity? Then rethink how food is presented.

It’s not exactly rocket science, but recent results from some school cafeterias could go a long way to quell unrealistic and agenda-driven food policies that attempt to police menus and force feed our kids with foods that they just won’t eat (here’s looking at you, meatless Monday).

With no-cost or low-cost solutions that feed into the idea food choice, consider these surprising results highlighted in the article:

-One school increased salad purchases by nearly 300 percent
-Another school amped up its fruit consumption by 105 percent

Imagine that. Choice over a vegan agenda actually increases the consumption of fruits and vegetables by large margins, while still allowing the ham sandwich and the turkey club a secure place on the menu.

Read the full article to understand the tactical changes to food presentation in the lunch line, then consider these wise words at the end of the article:

Food isn’t nutritious until it is eaten. We don’t improve school lunches by making children take healthier items. When healthy foods are forced upon them, children will resist and dislike not only the heavy-handed approach but also the food associated with that heavy hand.

Now that’s good food for thought.

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