Coming to a town meeting near you…

Hatched: Monday, December 13th, 2010

Activists take to local governments in pursuit of their agenda.


Brookline Town Meeting passes veal ban resolution


Brookline, Mass. —Brookline Town Meeting passed a resolution that asks grocers, restaurants, caterers and other food vendors to stop selling or serving crated veal  in a 163-4 vote.

According to petitioner Rachel Baras, many veal calves are separated from their mothers within a few days of being born and put into restrictive crates that do not allow them to easily lie down or move, in order to achieve a pale and tender piece of meat.

“The purpose [of Article 21] is to motivate food purveyors and consumers to think critically about what they’re buying and supporting just has they did with trans fats and smoking,” Baras said, referring to two previous Brookline bans. “You’ll be a part of a movement to improve lives. They are animal lives, but they are lives nonetheless.”

Baras received support from both the Board of Selectmen and the Advisory Committee. Five states have passed measures outlawing crated veal calves, and similar legislation is pending in New York.

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