Food service giant to push Meatless Monday

Hatched: Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

It’s a little hard to believe.”

Those are the words of Meatless Monday’s program director explaining in a release how the movement has gone from a sole blogger two years ago to having a global leader in food services sing from its hymnal.  And to his credit, he’s right. It is hard to believe.

According to Sodexo’s website, Meatless Monday will be “promoting and adding the option of a plant-based entrée to its menus each week.” It’s hard to believe that Sodexo has previously failed to offer something such as a pasta dish or vegetable soup as part of the entrée, especially from an organization that refers to itself as a world leader in Quality of Daily Life Solutions.

And it’s hard to believe the option will remain optional considering the campaign push Sodexo will put behind the effort. Also from the Meatless Monday release:   

Sodexo intends to keep its Meatless Monday program fresh by sending out new tool kits to its client reps every 4 months. These will include newly created recipes, promo materials and educational background. It also hopes to launch other fitness and health programs created by The Monday Campaigns.”

That’s quite a commitment for a once-a-week option. As a food service provider, Sodexo surely has long had offerings that don’t include meat that, frankly, could be purchased any day of the week, right?

The Animal Ag Alliance voiced its beef about Meatless Mondays recently, and perhaps it’s the one thing that isn’t hard to believe. Meatless Mondays is quick to make fuzzy, feel-good claims to get people and organizations on board with the program. As pointed out by the Animal Ag Alliance, it even co-opts a once-legitimate reason to forgo meat during war time in effort to advance its anti-animal agriculture agenda in this modern era.

This mirrors another shrewd activist organization that benefits from misconception, but also is known for not biting off more than it can chew. Now that this campaign has sunk its teeth deep into Monday at record speed and acceptance, the question everyone should be asking is – what’s next?

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