As Meatless Mondays attempts to gain traction for its anti-meat agenda, one national chain is bucking that trend as it busts out a carnivore-themed campaign on the same day of the week.  

Hooters – known for chicken wings among other things – earlier this week began its efforts to beef up the start of the week by offering “Burger Mondays” with six burger and fries options starting at $5.99. While it may not be the only reason patrons frequent Hooters, options such as the More than a Mouthful Cheeseburger, Nacho Ordinary Burger and the Double “D” Burger certainly enhance the meaty menu options for chain’s campaign with the obvious lure of attractive…prices.

Burger Mondays replaces the “More than a Mouthful Mondays” campaign from 2010 to be more deliberate about its beefy options. Certainly the deliberate call out of “Where’s the beef?” in their announcement signals a purposeful approach to go against the grain of the Meatless Monday movement.

It’s safe to say that the anti-meat crowd won’t find Hooters’ effort to reposition Monday all that titillating…

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