Remember when you were in high school? There was always that group of kids at school who stole the mascot of your rival or pulled off the big prank on the day of the critical game. Those were the good ol’ days of happy high jinks when perhaps a stern talking to was the only consequence. Nobody was hurt, and no political message was infused.

Those kids have grown, but have failed to grow up – and now they play out their pranks with an agenda, flip cam and YouTube.  The kidnapping of a Ronald McDonald statue in Helsinki, Finland, McDonald’s restaurant is proof positive of over-age pranksters overstepping the bounds of responsibility and good taste.  

Watching Ronald McDonald get lifted may have its momentary chuckle, but a jihadist-like video demanding answers to the group’s agenda, and then decapitating the mustard & ketchup-colored clown: not so funny. This comes courtesy of a group call the Food Liberation Army, which tries to be funny and serious simultaneously.  It fails on both counts by a country mile.

As tasteless as it is, instead of condemning it perhaps more people should see this ridiculousness and ask – where exactly does the prank end and the seriousness begin? If anything, it’s a snapshot of reality regarding how far some people are willing to go to make their point.

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